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Nonny James... "Show Me The Cross"

I've known Nonny for a very long time, so it was good to be asked to take part in this project. This was the toughest album I've had to make to date, it stretched my grade two to the limit! All real sounding instruments, played in real time against Nonny's wonderful piano playing. She sings pretty good too for a 'young un.' For songs that minister Christ, this CD is hard to beat.

These are just some of the wonderful people I've had the blessing to work with. I am always amazed at how other people's songs inspire me musically. I nearly always get into musical places that I've never been before, it's thrilling.

God truly is amazing.


Ann Brooks... "To Him Who Loves Us"

Ann and I have become good friends. She is better known for her roles in musicals, but recording seems to come naturally to her. It's not easy performing to a microphone! This CD has a good variety of styles and is very easy on the ear.

I also have the great honour of making the "Days of Wonder," radio show for Jarrod Cooper. It blows me away that he trusts me to edit his sermons. Now that's faith!


Dave Scott-Morgan... "Call"

My old pal Dave. We've known each other since 84 when we met in a studio. We went on tour together as part of ELO in 85, I was front of house PA mixer. I helped Dave with mastering this album, he does all his own recording, much like me, but his style is totally his own. This is actually the back cover of the CD, but it has Dave's picture on so I used it instead of the front.

Hey! I get paid to listen to sermons.

How cool is that!


Dave Scott-Morgan...”Angel Light”

Dave's latest offering, a Christmas CD full of really great stuff as only Dave can write. Again, I only helped out with the mastering stage, but working with Dave is always a worthwhile experience.


Jo Bollands... "The Mirror"

Jo's testimony has to be heard to be believed. Her faith really helped me through a tough time. I think I got more out of making this CD than she did. I'm really looking forward to the next one!


Linda Pearce... "In Him"

My dear sis' Linda has the kind of voice that can deliver both power and tenderness. I've never known anyone giggle as much as she does, how we ever got it done... There are lots of classics on this CD, well worth a listen.


Lisa Life... "Turns Blue"

My first 'proper' band. This was only possible due to the use of electronic drums... Nice one Tim! This is a really interesting album, especially the lyrics. A really good first album by a group of guys who love the Lord.


White Stone...”Look Up”

The second album from this band. Again I mixed it and added a few bits...As you do! This is a cracking album and I believe a big step forward for the band. Liddy Boyd is now Liddy Michaela, but her voice is just as wonderful.


White Stone...”Waiting”

This band is from St Paul’s Church in Worcester. Guitar based and with some wonderful vocals from Liddy Boyd, the pastor's daughter. Some great tracks on this CD which I mixed and added a few keyboards.


Steve Shepherd...”A Knight’s Tale”

This is the second album I've made with Steve Shepherd and family. It's always a pleasure working with the Shepherds, where else can you go and have lunch with 19 kids? Don't ask! We all had a great time working on this, personally, I'm looking forward to the next one.


Steve Shepherd...”A Little Piece of Eden”

Steve is a family man in every sense of the word. His simple style stems from sitting on the carpet with his guitar and nine children, (you should see his family car!). At the time, Steve lived up in the wilds of Scotland, so we actually only got together a couple of times. Found out he likes curry too!


Music Maker...”Then & Wow”

I really enjoyed this one. It's great to help kids do their thing, and boy do these guys 'do it'! Working with this charity really blessed me, not only financially, but spiritually. This is not a Christian album, but hey, seeing these guys faces as they give it their all is worth it. Music maker is an all inclusive program for kids from 7 to 18. They dance, sing, and play Malcolm (the MD) up something rotten.


Martin Stringer...”Piano Peace”

This CD was produced by Mrs. Joanna Crow from St Paul’s Church in Worcester. I merely helped her with her vision. My good friend Martin plays piano in a way that I couldn't hope to match. It's good that we are different. This is a wonderful piano album, full of marvelous Hymns that you will know and love.


Sarah Tummey...”Giving God The Glory”

This was a great album to make. Sarah doesn't play an instrument so it was literally, 'You hum and I'll play it!' Great fun. The songs on this album are straight from the heart, or rather, straight from God's heart. It has taken Sarah a while to bring this project to completion, but her faith never wavered and at last, here it is. Well done sis, and may there be many more.


Sarah Tummey...”Same Applies”

This is Sarah's 2nd album, and boy, what a difference. She supplied me with guide tracks that she'd done on her keyboard!!!! Made me sweat a bit this one, I can tell you. I really enjoyed it though, cos it took me into areas that I don't normally go, ie, loop land! Turned out, it was fun to do, and the songs are great. All I'm wondering now is, what on earth will she do for number 3?

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