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Facility manager and founder of Colin Owen Music Ministries and the JesusReigns web site.

Colin is a life long musician and sound recorder, having been both a professional musician and recording studio engineer.

Decades of experience at your disposal.

Some Prices - per hour
12.50 basic recording
10.00 editing
15.00 CD mastering

Instruments Available
Godin freeway guitar
Levinson strat guitar
Shadow (rare) guitar
Fender P bass 5 string
Freshman jumbo guitar
Kurzweil micro piano
Kurzweil 88 note kbrd

Klark Jade monitors
Tannoy J95 speakers
Oktava mics

It is easy to be put off by all the glitz and gizmos of a recording studio. Red lights, windows through walls, that unnatural feeling of being in a dead room. None of this helps you to make a great recording. Working in a house actually helps you to relax. Familiar surroundings take the stress out of the process, thus helping you to be yourself. It's amazing how this translates onto the recording.

I have enough experience and know how to get you up and running. I can oversee the whole process from setting up to mastering your new CD...And have a laugh along the way.

As a solo artist. all you need to bring is your songs. If you play an instrument that's great, if not, I can make the whole music track for you. "You hum it and I'll play it!" Seriously, together we can make a great album.

Call or e-mail me and let's talk recording.

See my clients list here... Has some audio samples.

HPM is a home based, (so I don't call it a studio) recording facility, which makes it ideal for solo artists.

"A relaxed atmosphere makes for a better recording."

His Place Recording Facility

To God be the glory, great things He has done. So loved He the world that He gave us His Son.